Getting Started!

JUL 26, 2015

About Me

Hello there! My name is Diego Zanon and I'm a computer engineer. If you want to know more about what I've done and what I like, you can visit my profile page at

What will I blog?

I'm a Full-Stack developer that loves JavaScript, MongoDB and AWS. That's where I'll focus here.

I intend to follow 2 rules while blogging here:

  1. Never blog about something that is trivial or widely known, otherwise I'll not be contributing to add useful info.
  2. Blog about things that I don't know so much and where I must pretend to be an expert. That's the best way to learn more!

    Please, correct me in comments (Disqus) if you see something wrong and I'll be grateful.

Why am I blogging?

Learning new things is nice and important, but if I don't write down what I learn, it'll vanish from my memory much faster.

But, why do I need to share what I'm learning? I'm shy and don't like public exposition. The reason is that I've read a post some months ago and that changed my vision: What do the top 1% of software engineers do that the other 99% do not? (specially Michael O. Church's answer).

Michael's post tries to quantify the knowledge in software engineering and the conclusion is that smart people shares. There are "Adders", who only "add" new code to the world and the "Multipliers", people who share and can make a difference in a larger scale. I want to be in the second group.

Also, most of the tools that I use are free and open-source and the places where I use to learn (blogs, Stack Overflow, etc) offers everything for free. It's the good will of people that keeps me learning for free so my way to give it back is to share what I learn and build.