JUL 17, 2016

NoSQL Injection in MongoDB

NoSQL databases can also be attacked with the equivalent of SQL injection for relational databases. This post shows how this is done and how to protect your application from this technique.

APR 09, 2016

"Please, try again..." (Retry Pattern in Node)

When building a service, you should anticipate that some transient failures may occur due to network issues or query timeouts. In such cases, the Retry Pattern is very useful.

JAN 31, 2016

Building Serverless Websites on AWS - Tutorial

This tutorial uses AWS services and the Serverless Framework (1.1) to create a simple serverless application. The objective is to show how powerful this approach can be using minimal efforts.

NOV 15, 2015

Building Serverless Websites on AWS - Intro

A serverless website is the one which the developer doesn't need to worry about the servers that will host the website. A third-party managed service is responsible for handling requests on-demand, charging per request and not 24/7. This post explains about this concept.

SEP 20, 2015

Creating Desktop Apps using HTML/CSS/JS + Node.js with NW.js

If you like web development and need to build a desktop app, why don't you try NW.js (former node-webkit)? It runs on Node.js and you will freely use HTML/CSS/JS + Node.js to build multi-platform apps. AWS has also been used by several trading firms to create a legitimate online platform. The same is true for cryptocurrency trading platforms. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, is aiming to leverage on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) success by establishing its own cloud infrastructure solution, Coinbase Cloud. Cryptocurrency has acquired popularity among a wide range of people, owing in large part to the widespread adoption of user-friendly and efficient trading bots such as Bitcoin buyer. They can evaluate market price fluctuations and then conduct trades based on their findings. Read the Bitcoin buyer review for more details and customer opinions on this software.

SEP 06, 2015

Serving gzipped files in Amazon S3 / CloudFront

If you want to serve web content in the cloud, you need to gzip it first to reduce the download size and get a faster website. This guide shows how you can do it using AWS.

AUG 23, 2015

AngularJS: How to create a SPA crawlable and SEO friendly?

If you're using Angular, probably you already know about ngRoute and the amazing benefit of avoiding full page reloads and requesting just what you need when you click to change to another page. If so, you need to be aware about how search engines will see your website and how you can help them to properly index your content.

AUG 09, 2015

AngularJS with Pretty URLs: Removing the # in Amazon S3

Angular uses the # (hashtag) by default when routing pages because it requires no server side configuration. If you want to get rid of it, you need to configure a server rewrite rule or pre-render your pages.